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Vancouver Breakdancers has a team of Vancouver Photographers for all your wedding, parties, celebrations, birthdays, bar mitzfahs, bat mitzfahs, shows, festivals, and all your various events (product launches, grand openings, etc).

Although our main focus are events and parties, we are open to discussing other types of projects, such as for journalism, film, branding, and advertising.

_mg_1977Our team are all ultra talented individuals with extensive experience in all facets of photography.

Under our umbrella of our Vancouver Photography team, we offer two departments of service, which is for the photographers themselves, and we also offer photo booth rental and services.

You can visit the photo booth page or the photographer page with the corresponding links below or use the drop down menu above…

Photo Booth By Vancouver Breakdancers

Event Photographers By Vancouver Breakdancers


Photo Booth

Photo Booths has been a fun addition added to many parties, weddings, shows, and events.  From corporations to private parties, we have a wonderful photo booth for all your parties.  Vancouver Breakdancers’ PhotoBooth(s) has its own unique and fun qualities to blow away and be a hit at your next party or event.

One of the best, the best, or some just call it plain old good for the party, Vancouver Breakdancers’ PhotoBooth is just that, one of the best, the best, or just plain fantastic.

The photos made are always fun, funny, happy, and great for memories.

Remember to say cheese!

You can visit our page dedicated to our Vancouver BC Canada Photo Booth department here by:

1)  Clicking this link here “@ClickHereForPhotoBoothPage”


2)  You can use the drop down menu at the top and select “PhotoBooth” from the title “Photography”

Pixtrix_Yash (21) copyPhotography, Film, Art

By Just Jun MC

A frame,
frozen in time,
life is immortalized,
recorded and written

Senses and emotions
Captured for our viewing
It’s called living

Pixtrix_Yash (24) VBPixtrix_Yash (12) copy


The Vancouver Photographers of Vancouver Breakdancers is fully equipped and prepared to provide the capturing of your event, party, wedding, show, or festival.

Our team are great at taking photos and lead in Vancouver Photography with their talents.

Our main focus is events but we are definitely open to doing other projects for you, so feel free to ask.

You can visit our event photographers department page by:

1)  clicking here “@ClickHereForPhotographersPage”


2)  You can use the drop down menu under the title “Photography” and then choose “Photographer”.


Common Question

Do you guys provide Wedding Photographers for Indian Weddings & Receptions, or parties?

Yes, we surely do.

In fact, a few of our photographers are Indian themselves.

We have also worked with various other South Asian parties and events such as for Punjabi parties.

We have worked for birthday parties with our other event staff as well, and other celebratory events such as Christmas.

We also offer other event and entertainment services, so feel free to surf around the site and book them together to save time and money, and still get a first class service, because you are our VIP.

In fact, a good choice is to have the event photographers and also have a fun photo booth, have our dancers perform, our bartenders, and our videography, and video booth team.

We definitely hold the title of Vancouver South Asian Wedding Photographers, Vancouver Indian Party Photographers, and Vancouver Punjabi Party Photographers and a definite addition to add to your wedding planning and party planning.

We currently serve Surrey, Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Langley, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Whistler, New Westminster, and other parts of BC.

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A couple relaxing at the beach under the beautiful sunset

A couple relaxing at the beach under the beautiful sunset

Wedding Photography

As stated above, we can handle engagements, weddings, and wedding receptions, from Asian, South Asian, Indian, Latino, Brazilian, Chinese, Multicultural, Canadian, and everything in between.  Our photography team is experienced and talented to handle any type of request of wedding photography.  I would recommend the useful tip of contacting us ahead of time to book the time necessary to fulfill your wishes.

Please visit the photographers for events at THISLINK or you can use the drop down menu and select photographers, under the photography title.


Vancouver Birthday Party Photography

Vancouver Photography for Party

Capturing Moments At A Birthday Party

Event Photography

A fair amount of our experience as a Photography team based in Vancouver BC Canada, is capturing moments in photos for numerous kinds of events.  They range from product launches, brand parties, fundraisers, birthdays, baby showers, portraits, festivals, concerts, journalism, and sports.

Please visit the photographers for events at THISLINK or you can use the drop down menu and select photographers, under the photography title.








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