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What to see in Vancouver BC Canada?

Capoeira Team Vancouver BC Canada is Vancouver’s premier Capoeira performance team and crew of Capoeira martial artists.

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Vancouver Entertainment & Entertainers BC

Capoeira is an exciting acrobatic and entertaining martial and our team of performers take it to the next level with their own creativity and high energy music.  The team is headed by Mestre Indio and the team regularly performs for large crowds in Vancouver BC Canada and the surrounding area.  Mestre Indio teaches and performs authentic Brazilian dance and martial arts with his style of Capoeira.  It is a fantastic choice for your festival, show, wedding, corporate event, bar mitzfah and many other forms of entertainment.  It has even been utilized by Brahma beer for local club events to hype up the crowd for the party and entertain and dazzle them.  Capoeira Team Vancouver BC Canada represents the local area and is a premier choice for entertainment and event services.  Some ideas are wedding entertainment, wedding reception entertainment, corporate parties, street festivals, bar mitzfah parties, and concerts, grand openings, and branding events at clubs.  Capoeira Team Vancouver BC Canada is your source for entertainment at your events and is number one and the best.

Capoeira Mestre Indio

Things to see and do in Vancouver BC

Throw a party or event in Vancouver.  Whether it is a cruise or a party at a hotel, there are many fantastic venues and locations to host parties and you can hire us to entertain the guests.

Vancouver Tourist Attractions

Capoeira Team Vancouver BC Canada has performed at many events, weddings, and festivals and is one of the reasons for the attraction to a location and it’s show and events.

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Film Production Services

Capoeira Team Vancouver BC Canada (CTVBCC) has the martial artists in the art of Capoeira available for your film production and can do all the extraordinary movements, techniques, with entertaining skill.

Vancouver Film Production

They also have the looks for the special skills needed for your parts.  The team is all professional and will give your film the extra umph and chutzpah and pizzazz to dazzle your screens. As noted, we also have videographers and camera people to help capture your footage!


Vancouver Filming

We are available for all your filming locations in Vancouver and the surrounding area.

Please let us know the schedule ahead of time and cover the costs of travel so we can all be at your location for the film project.

Capoeira Team Vancouver BC will be there with all our super karate kicking and flipping for all y’all.  We can even car pool in a taxi or available vehicle.

We will be there and we ain’t no squares!


Vancouver Film Studios

Capoeira Team Vancouver BC Canada can bring their performance skills to your studio handling the productions.  Vancouver film studios are our second home so do not hesitate to ask if you require some really cool performers for your film project.


Vancouver Film Industry

It’s a great location to shoot, especially with the talent we have on board here, Capoeira Team Vancouver BC Canada.  We are available for the film industry with our excellent talent and videographers.


Vancouver Film Production Companies

Capoeira Team Vancouver BC is there for your project, give us a ring!  For capoeira and martial arts and cool acrobatics, no need to look elsewhere.

Capoeira Vancouver BC Canada


Promotional Events & Promotional Models

Many times, major brands will throw events and hire entertainers for their party goers at their events.  Our Vancouver based Capoeira performers are top notch at their craft and a grand draw gaining “oohs” and “ahhs” from the crowds.  We can wear your promotional and marketing material while we perform and even provide artistic backdrops to do so with.

Street Team & Busking

Our Vancouver based Capoeira squad can assist in promoting your events utilizing street team tactics and street promotions.  By using us to busk, we can draw major attention to your campaigns in the streets and also provide people to hand out your marketing material and samples for the crowds.

Vancouver Wedding Entertainment

A popular choice at parties providing ample entertainment and can added to our famous breakdancers who are also a popular choice at parties.  We can work with your wedding party and ceremony providing pleasing entertainment and blessings for your big day.  Our breakdance group and capoeira group combine for the ultimate in mind blowing with their talented skills.

Parties & Events

New Years, Christmas, Festivals, Halloween, let our talented Capoeiristas hold you down with amazing visuals of their skills, entertaining the crowd with the talent.

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