One of the best breakdance crew of performers is the Ballroom Blitz from Vancouver BC, represented by!

The breakdancers or bboys and bgirls, have represented and put a lot of soul and sweat into their craft, entertaining crowds all over BC.

All hailing from the 604 and 778, these Vancouver & Metro Vancouver breakdancers, bboys, and bgirls, represent to the fullest!


The breakdancers have performed for Smirnoff, Kokanee, Mountain Dew, Coca Cola, just to name a few brands and corporations we have represented at events for.

The breakdancers have also entertained crowds with their hip hop dance entertainment for parties for weddings and wedding receptions, bar mitzfahs, birthday parties, baby showers, quinceañera, sweet 16, events, shows, festivals, and many other celebrations and functions.

The crew have also been invited to do shows for grand openings, product launches, film wrap parties, 80’s parties, and club events as well.


Vancouver Breakdancers Bustin' Dope Moves

Vancouver Breakdancers Bustin’ Dope Moves

The Vancouver Breakdance Group has also accommodated and entertained for cultural events, and much like our company motto, we believe in multiculturalism and unity and community and love, and would love to entertain with our breakdance entertainment for your cultural event.  

We have performed breakdance and hip hop dance for East Indian/South Asian weddings and parties, Punjabi/Sikh weddings and parties, Muslim weddings and parties, Chinese weddings and parties, Philipino Weddings and Parties, Vietnamese Weddings and Parties, and multicultural weddings and parties, Latino Weddings and Parties, and everything inbetween.  If you are throwing a party and need some breakdance entertainment for your party, we are the Vancouver crew to look out for.



They Reminisce Over You, TROY, here is Bboy Ken with some breakdancers we worked with in the past and are our good old friends. Nothing but good times and best wishes for all family with Vancouver Breakdancers.

Vancouver Breakdancers Bboy Crew is ready for your next wedding, event, show, party, or festival! Book together with our other event and entertainment staff to save time and money, as a VIP status and valued person. We offer photographers, photobooths, videographers, videobooths, food and beverage staff such as bartenders, and other entertainers and event staff (capoeira, samba) too. SAMSUNG  

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